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Aug-04-2016 20:13   by  CBC helps you to know the key elements when Marketing Your Brand in Digital China by starting SEO / SEM campaigns for Baidu. Strategic marketing analysis of the Chinese online space with building a unique and effective digital marketing strategy is one of the keys to success in China's ever-growing online market.

China has always being an interesting market for many companies around the world, and being one the most emerging economy in the world, every business wants to own share of this biggest database. With over 600 million active Internet users, it's very important to target the user in the right way. It is a well-known fact that China runs its own parallel world of Internet, with its own Search Engine (Baidu), its own social media networks the point is very clear that if in China, use Chinese methodology and when the government passes a rule to build a Chinese Internet wall that bans all the top websites around the world including Search Engine giant Google and Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , the message is very clear that Chinese have their own rules which the international company have to follow if they are looking to target the Chinese netizens.

The Chinese market is considered as one of the most challenging but profitable market, with its own culture of internet, the language barrier and most importantly the identification of the right kind of online tool to target right kind of users are the tasks the business owners have to consider to target netizens online.

If an international company is looking forSearch Engine Marketing in China, there are certain guidelines that has to be followed:

1.Chinese Domain Is The Key To Enter The Market

It is very important to know that Chinese users trust Pinyin (official system for translation of Chinese character in Latin alphabet) names than the foreign one, hence it is the first and the most crucial step to get ".cn" or "" domain for the website, this not only helps in branding the company's name but also plays an effective role for web marketing in china.

2.Web Translation Is Very Important

From the perspective of the Chinese users and Chinese search engine, it is the most crucial requirement to have a Chinese website in Mandarin, this makes the website search engine and user-friendly.

With 85% of the market share, Baidu is undoubtedly the market leader, in the past few years theChinese search enginegiant has improvised so much that it can no more be considered only a search engine, its external features like Baidu Maps, Baidu Ads, Baidu Baike (Chinese Version of "Wikipedia"), Baidu Zhidao (Chinese version of "Yahoo Answers") have made it the top option for International companies looking for Internet Marketing promotion in China.

3.Social Media is the Brand Wagon

Like the rest of the world, where social media plays an important role not only to connect to people but also create a brand awareness, theChinese social mediacreates a platform for the company for the same task in China. Social media platform in China have exploded dynamically especially after the rise of Sina-Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) and WeChat. With increasing number of Chinese signing up for these networks, it has become an integral part of the China online Marketing Strategy.

It is mandatory for any company to understand the difference between the world Internet and Chinese internet platform. A right marketing strategy, experienced professionals dealing withonline marketing services in china, target goals and more such factors makes it easy for the companies to have a successful digital marketing campaign.


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